Still Alive

Hello Gaming Woodpecker fans!

We are still alive.
Our Gaming-Machine’s Motherboard however is not. He though it would be a nice time to commit suicide but he failed and managed to cripple himself beyond repair, rendering us unable to make reviews,  so now he is going to face the horrors of recycling.

The warranty had it covered, but we had to wait 15 working days, which is a actually a whole month of “normal” days, for the new motherboard to arrive. As you might have guessed, his replacement has arrived and we do not miss the old Motherboard at all. All the other parts were happy when the new Motherboard arrived and they even had a party for him and there was cake.

We have probably lost around 12.000 screenshots and all of the games might need to be reinstalled, but we are going to do our best to recover as much as we can.

New reviews will be up as soon as possible.

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