God Mode – Review


Release Date: April 19, 2013

Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/227480/

Underworld Travel Guide

Welcome to the Underworld!
Somehow, before the events of the game, you died. Do not expect anything glorious, you left the world of the living for an insignificant reason, nothing heroic.
Then you found yourself in the Underworld of Greco-Roman mythology, which is also known as “Hades”, after the God who runs the place. It is not a well known fact, but Hades is also an excellent cook. His dinners are legendary, but only reserved for important people so you cannot get there without a VIP pass.

The “Hades's Restaurant” must be around this corner...The “Hades’s Restaurant” should be just around this corner…

The standard procedure is that you wait in the line to be judged by the three judges, namely, Minos, Rhadamanthus and Aeacus. The judges are the keepers of the keys to the Elysium or Tartarus, Heaven or Hell if you prefer.

What you mean “the Halls of Judgment are off-limits for Demigods”? What you mean “the Halls of Judgment are off-limits for Demigods”?

But no, this was not your fate. As soon as you found yourself in the underworld, a very annoying Spirit Guide welcomed you and explained to you that you are not a mere mortal. You are a descendant of a God who has been banished from Olympus for an unknown reason at an unknown time, something that makes you a Demigod, but you never lived as a Demigod and neither you ever did something worthy of a Demigod. You have Ichor, the blood of Gods in your veins, but you lived like a common mere mortal so the Gods, and especially Hades, look upon you with disgust and contempt and so they must do something about it and probably have a little fun in the meantime.

Ambrosia And Spectacles

The Gods will throw you into arenas and in these arenas you will have to prove your worth by slaying hordes of monsters. Along the way, the Gods will sent you random Tests Of Faith that vary from harmless, to ones that can ruin your day. You and only you can decide your faith. You will either rise up, prove your worth and become a God, or you will be destroyed and disposed off in Tartarus.
To appease the God, you can take Oaths. These Oaths will give you a disadvantage and a reward in the form of a Gold and/or Experience modifier. Be careful, Oaths do stack.

“His bones may be broken, but the spirit can't die”“His bones may be broken, but the spirit can’t die”

With you, you can bring up to three other players. It seems that your banished-God ancestor was very “active” and had numerous children, something that would be a normal thing for a God to do. You only have brothers tho. There are no female characters in the game, something which is disappointing.

And now, ladies and gentlemen; the latest hits of the band “Trio Miniguneros”!!!And now, ladies and gentlemen; the latest hits of the band “Trio Miniguneros”!!!

All the characters share a sadomasochist appearance with many piercings and steel dermal implants as well as steel zippers implanted in their skin at the front and back of their torsos. Although you cannot really change your body, you can change your face. There are many different faces and each face comes in different themes, so you can more or less make a character that you like.

“We're men, MANLY men!; we're men in Leopard pants! Yeah!”“We’re men, MANLY men!; we’re men in Leopard pants! Yeah!”

By playing at the arenas, you gain Experience and Gold coins. Experience levels your character and new levels unlock access to better weapons, weapon upgrades, abilities, faces, clothing items and accessories that can be bought with Gold coins. The higher the difficulty and the more people in the team, the more Gold you will receive. At the end of each map a portal to a Gold Room will appear, then you will have limited time to grab as much gold as you can. The more people in the team, the more time you have. But be warned. Friendly Fire is turned ON in the Gold Room, so your teammates can kill you and you can kill them too.

When you have no need for any gold, you can just stand around and enjoy the aesthetics of the Gold Room decorations.When you have no need for any gold, you can just stand around and enjoy the aesthetics of the Gold Room decorations.

If you want to do the achievements, you should invest from early on in getting the Plasma Pistol and Rail Gun when they become available and then upgrade them fully. Upgrading the starting SMG fully is a logical step and also consider buying and fully upgrading the Revolver for use as a sniper weapon against distant and/or powerful enemies. If sniping is not your thing, then get the MiniGun. Do not waste money on any other weapons or other things, except of the “Scavenge Ability”, which is useful in making money and also one of the most useful abilities in the game.

It is the “Mateba Autorevolver”. Yes, it does existIt is the “Mateba Autorevolver”. Yes, it does exist

You will face many monsters in the Underworld. Most of them are inspired directly for Greco/Roman history and mythology. All of them will try to brutally murder you and there are many of them in each arena. Be careful, you only have a limited number of lives, shared between players.

Use the right tactics and you might just survive...Use the right tactics and you might just survive…

It is not easy for new players to survive and win the map without some help, but it is not impossible. There are also Mini-Bosses including Minotaurs and Cyclopes, as well as actual Bosses which are not really based on mythology. Do a good job, and you will ascent into Godhood, reaching level 24 and claiming your rightful place as well as unlocking the God Mode ability, which gives you invincibility and infinite ammo for a short period of time.

Alone Like Atlas

God Mode is a game abandoned by its developers. It is a game that is actually a well-made beta version that will never be complete. There are many bugs in the game and crashes are not rare, but it is playable for the most part. The game will refuse to “see” any player-servers, and since there are no official servers, players are alone. Good thing that joining via invite works, and we have Steam. There are groups of players who seek other players to play God Mode with, and joining these groups will allow you to make many Steam-friends to play this game, because otherwise you will bear the weight alone, like Atlas.

Hello good skeleton, have you seen Brutus? Hello good skeleton, have you seen Brutus?

God Mode is also an underrated game. Sure, the gameplay is repetitive and it did indeed needed more “polishing” but it can offer many hours of fun for those who like this kind of games and with friends is much more enjoyable. The most annoying thing in it is that it has no in-game chat. Something not really bad considering what appears on in-game chat most of the time, but the absence of chat is still annoying and forces players to use the Steam-chat. Another issue  is that the game is capped at 30FPS by default and changing that requires editing a file. Even that it will run in around 60FPS.


“Now you are thinking with Portals”“Now you are thinking with Portals”

God Mode is shallow but enjoyable buggy game that requires you to make Steam-Friends in order to play multiplayer.

If you want to get it, it goes for sale from time to time for pretty cheap and can offer about 50 hours of fun.


How To Uncap FPS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=325111416

For reasons of anonymity, the nick-names of players have been edited out of the review screenshots

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