Left 4 Dead 2 – Review


Game Link: http://www.l4d.com/game.html

Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/550/

Left 4 Dead + Left 4 Dead Bundle Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/2487

Release Date: November 17, 2009

Three Weeks After First Infection

The war against the Green Flu continues.
Things are not going well for the humans. In just three weeks, the Green Flu has taken over most of the eastern United States. Now, as Savannah, Georgia falls into the flood of Green Flu, survivors evacuate the city. The only way out is the Army helicopters.

Hey! Come back!!!Hey! Come back!!!

On top of the hotel that served as the evacuation zone, four survivors arrive moments after the last helicopter left. No one will come from them. Now, these four strangers have to work together as a team. The only way to New Orleans is filled with ten million zombies. The only way out is a clear suicide, but it is the only way out. Once again, four survivors are “Left for Dead”.

"I ain't gonna die waitin' on salvation. As long as we still got guns, we gonna fight."“I ain’t gonna die waitin’ on salvation. As long as we still got guns, we gonna fight”

Left 4 Dead Made 20% Cooler

Left 4 Dead 2 maintains the same movie theme as Left 4 Dead. Actually many things are similar, so instead for listing the similarities, we will focus on the new things, which are actually the most important.
A review of Left 4 Dead can be found here: ( https://thegamingwoodpecker.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/left-4-dead-review/#more-169 )

Anyone can use a rescue vehicle, but Ellis does it 20% cooler. At least.Anyone can use a rescue vehicle, but Ellis does it 20% cooler. At least…

Left 4 Dead is like playing a zombie movie. Left 4 Dead 2 is like playing a zombie movie made by Quentin Tarantino. Many melee weapons have been added to the game. There are actually two categories of melee weapons, blunt force and bladed. The first category includes the Baseball Bat, the Cricket Bat, the Golf Club, the Guitar and the Frying Pan (or “Skillet”). There is also a Nightstick; a police baton of Tonfa style, but it is just not very convincing as a weapon. The second category includes the Crowbar, the Matchete, the Fire Axe, the Chainsaw, and the Katana. Hallelujah for melee weapons fans!!!
All the bladed weapons can cut, decapitate, and dismember zombies.

Bladed melee weapons are devastating on the infectedBladed melee weapons are devastating on the infected

In the firearms section, the good old M1911 is gone… Now your default pistol is a Sig P220 and you can dual wield with a Glock on the left hand. There is also a Desert Eagle, but this takes the secondary melee slot and does not have infinite ammo.
America’s favourite, the AK assault rifle has been added. Other firearms that have been added are the Suppressed MAC-10, a new pump-action shotgun based on old Remie 870, the not very practical but cool looking SPAS-12, the MSG90 sniper rifle, and the SCAR-L, which comes only in three round burst mode. There are also two special rare weapons. The M79 grenade launcher and the M60 light-machinegun. Rare ammo boxed with explosive and incendiary ammo can be found around the map. There is also a 3rd box that givers survivors the ability to use laser sights on their current weapons. The MiniGun has been replaced with Browning M2 heavy machinegun, something that adds to realism.

Browning M2 .50 inch BMGBrowning M2, .50 inch BMG

Holding weapons now feels much more realistic. Forget about the tiny looking weapons from a past generation of video games. Now the prospective is much more realistic and weapons look big and serious. Many of the previous weapons have been remade so that they look good from the new prospective. But still you cannot use iron sights…

Laser sights increase significantly the effectiveness of weaponsLaser sights increase significantly the effectiveness of weapons

The Versus and Survival Modes do return in Left 4 Dead 2 and there are also new Game Modes.
Realism Mode removes the glowing edges from around players when they are beyond walls and you can’t see them and makes the game more “realistic”.
Realism Versus Mode is the good old Versus Mode combined with Realism Mode.
In Scavenge Mode, survivors have a limited time to collect 21 gas tanks while player controlled special infected attack them, just like in Versus Mode.
Mutations Mode is about changing the game rules. For example, a Mutation can change the rules so that a headshot is required to kill each zombie and damage in any other part has no effect.

Scavenge Mode. Because scavenging gas tanks in the “Dead Center” campaign was so fun that someone though of making a whole Game Mode from it.Scavenge Mode. Because scavenging gas tanks in the “Dead Center” campaign was so fun that someone though of making a whole Game Mode of it.

The Virus Mutated Again

The Green Flu Virus mutated again and new special infected appeared. One of them is a mini-tank that will charge and if he grabs a player he will pound them until they are dead. The other one can spit acid. This acid is like the Xenomorph Acid from “Alien”, but more dangerous. Upon contact with the ground, it will “boil” producing acidic fumes that can burn player really bad, thus creating an “area of denial” effect. The last one will jump on your shoulders and somehow control your mind and make you run around, probably towards a group of common infected. This does not really fit with game because there is no reasonable explanation of how he is able to mind control players. Maybe the people who written on the walls about the apocalypse knew something more? Maybe they are actually demons…?

Maybe it is true? Are the Jockeys demons...?Maybe it is true? Are they demons…?

Left 4 Dead introduces Uncommon Infected.
There is an Uncommon Infected for each campaign. Some of them are interesting like the Fallen Survivors. These are probably the guys who build the safe houses and left the supplies the players are using throughout the game.

Things are getting worst..Things are getting worst…

Some of them are “strange”…
First thing you will notice in the very first campaign is the zombies in the HazMat suits. These suits are the fireproof variant, which is something strange but plausible. These guys cannot catch fire, but given enough time, the heat will kill them. If you shoot them, air will come hissing out of their suits meaning that the integrity of their suits was never compromised, suggesting that somehow they got infected before wearing their suits, or after wearing their suits…

"You try to Molotov me? Cute..."“You try to Molotov me? Cute…”

There is also the Riot Infected. This guy is the epitome of inaccuracy. He wears a riot helmet and a anti-blunt-force-trauma body armour similar to the real-life “CPX2500 Centurion Chest” by Hatch, which is a very popular armour for police officers around the world and as such it is well known to the general public. The real armour covers both the front end the back of the body, but in the game, it covers only the front. Reasonably, it makes the Riot Infected invulnerable to blunt force melee weapons, and also bladed melee weapons, which is not realistic, but it would not be a problem if the Riot Infected was not COMPLETELY BULLETPROOF. The real armour offers zero protection from bullets, and even worst, his helmet cannot be penetrated in the front, but bullets will go “like a hot knife through butter” from the back of the exact same helmet…
The Riot Infected is not hard to kill, but his implementation throws logic and reason out of the window, along with what was left of realism in this game. The idea was great, but the implementation is “cheap”, “low”, annoying and immersion breaking.

My armour is bulletproof! You can't penetrate me!“My armour is bulletproof! You can’t penetrate me! Muhahahahaha!!!”

At the same campaign with the Riot Infected there is also a cemetery. Have you even seen a cemetery in which people have putted tall iron fences across tombs in order to block the path? No? Then this is your chance. The fences will also change places each time you play the campaign creating an unique and annoying maze.

Another instance of developers shoving a "cheap" obstacle in our face...Another instance of developers shoving a “cheap” obstacle in our face…

Of course there are mods, but Left 4 Dead is A multilayer game. Mods are good when someone plays solo, but mods that fix such things need to be installed in the server to have effect in online games. It should be mentioned that Valve provided a convenient mod manager with the game.

Your New Friends

Left 4 Dead 2 introduces four completely new survivors. Although you can find similarities and parallels with the survivors from Left 4 Dead, but they are no exact equivalents. They are not “replacing” anyone, they are their own selves, they have their own personalities and their actions reflect that.

“Son, you bring an axe to a Zombie Apocalypse? Seriously?”“Son, you bring an axe to a Zombie Apocalypse? Seriously?”

Coach is the older member of the group and an actual coach. He is the natural leader and also a big tough guy. Ellis is one of the young members. He is a car mechanic and member of a music band along with his friends. Rochelle is the second of the young people. She is an associate producer for a News Station and she end up being the subject of the story that she was trying to produce a news report about. Nick (the Greek?) is a gambler and con-artist who complains about everything. His past is shrouded in mystery.

So, guys, did I ever told you about when I tried to melee a Smoker from 30 meters away...?So, guys, did I ever told you about when I tried to melee a Smoker with my katana, from thirty meters away…?

Left 4 Dead 2 Port

All campaigns from Left 4 Dead have been ported into Left 4 Dead 2. Buying Left 4 Dead 2 gets you all campaigns from the original Left 4 Dead and of course you play with the original characters from Left 4 Dead. You can also play with all the new weapons, including blunt force and bladed melee weapons and against all new special infected. All the special and common infected from Left 4 Dead have been replaced with those from Left 4 Dead 2 because of the bladed weapon effects used in Left 4 Dead 2. The problem is that Left 4 Dead campaigns where not designed with the special infected from Left 4 Dead 2 in mind. Yes, having a katana and the ability to make infected into tash-kebab is cool, but it does not really fit with the dark and grim atmosphere of Left 4 Dead. The Left 4 Dead in Left 4 Dead 2, is not the original Left 4 Dead, it is a port. Some people might like it this way, some others might not. No one can give any guaranty that one will like better the original or the ported version of Left 4 Dead.
The solution is simple, get the Left 4 Dead bundle.

Yes. It is Zoey wielding a katana in “No Mercy” campaign from the first Left 4 Dead!!!Yes. It is Zoey wielding a katana in “No Mercy” campaign from the first Left 4 Dead!


Grab the money!!!Grab the money!!!

Left 4 Dead 2 is cooler than Left 4 Dead, but to do so, it throws realism out of the window, something that was totally unnecessary. Some times the obstacles are “cheap and “low” but the game is enjoyable and very fun. The new characters are no less interesting than those from Left 4 Dead and the new weapons are great. Overall, it is a good co-op multiplayer game that sometimes looks “rushed” by the developers.


For reasons of anonymity, the nick-names of players have been edited out of the review screenshots

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